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The apothecary has promised he can cure your lycanthropy... but only on a full moon, and you forgot to arrive before nightfall.



Arrow keys or WASD to move. Up, W or Spacebar to jump.

Were-Cube Form

Were-Cubes can't be controlled.

If you're here after the flashpocalypse, you can either download it or follow this link to see the original scratch project.


Were-Cube.zip 8 MB


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Movement is a bit imprecise but very neat concept!


The were-cube mechanic is pretty neat. I can see a lot of potential big brain puzzles. :)

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Bug report. i am stuck at the beginning of the game. and nothing is really happening.

Edit.  never mind i just reloaded the page and the game works now. the game is good. but in my opinion its a bit too hard. but good jobs anyways